WCR860WPS 9kg 1600rpm Washing Machine

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á M Touch interface - Quickly and intuitive chose functions á TwinDos - TwinDos technology auto dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time á PowerWash 2.0 with Quick Power Wash - Full complete wash in 49 minutes á 9kg capacity drum á AddLoad function - Add missed items to a started wash cycle á Miele@Home with Wifi - Remote control of your washing machine á Single wash - For under 1kg Loads á CapDosing - Specialist portioned detergent capsule dispenser á Exceptionally quiet - 46dB Wash 72dB Spin á Wash Assistant - A guide to select the right programmes and detergents based on your needs á Stains - Targeted stain programmes á Specialist programmes with favourites á Tested for equivalent of 20 years' use Miele WCR860 WPS Washing Machine with 9kg Load Capacity, 1600rpm Spin Speed Power Wash and Twin Dos along with a A+++ Energy Efficiency Rating With this washing machine from Miele, you can take away any hassle out of your laundry days with the WCR860 WPS. The washing machine will come with a large 9kg load which makes it perfect for larger families and will be able to offer a top speed of 1600rpm. The washing machine comes with a handy touch display which will allow you to select from 26 different programmes all with a range of different features. There is also an automatic detergent detector which will select the right detergent depending on your load which means one less thing to worry about, there is also a 24 hour delay function meaning you can choose exactly when you want your cycle to start. With Miele's powerful and efficient washing technology, it means you can complete a wash in less than an hour. The detergent drawer will also accommodate portioned capsules for specialist detergents and softeners.

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