Vented Tumble Dryer in White

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Your Tumble Dryer will be supplied from one of the following brands: Hotpoint, Beko or Zanussi. With its unique design and unique load capacity it is perfect for people living on their own or as a small family. The tumble dryer will be able to offer an exceptional performance and effective drying. As this is a tumble dryer, it will be able to remove hot, damp air from the machine and filters it outside via a hosepipe. A Vented tumble dryer tends to be quicker, cheaper to buy and will use less energy than a condenser dryer. Tumble dryers whether they are condenser or vented work best where there is a window nearby or an external vent. Available in a stylish white colour, it will no doubt stand out in any modern kitchen household. These are not brand new goods, these are quality refurbished items that may have been on rental accounts previously or are former demonstration units which are all supplied in great working condition. These models are all supplied subject to availability.

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