UBPX500B 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

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The Sony UBPX500B 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player will bring your movies to life and deliver spectacular visuals to your home. The Sony UBPX500B will play the highest quality Blue-Rays and delivers the sharpest 4K images, this is boosted even more HDR technology which delivers vibrant and life-like colours. If you have loads of old Blu-Rays or DVD's you may think you need to chuck them away, but you DON'T The UBPX500B is able to play all of those too, it not only plays them but it upscales them to 4K so they look incredible. As well as Ultra HD Blu-Ray, regular Blu-Rays and DVDs, the UBP-X500 can handle a wide range of disc formats, including CDs and Super-Audio CDs. It's the same with digital files too; this player supports all popular audio and video file formats.

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