TX65HZ1000B 65" Ultra HD 4K Pro HDR Master OLED TV

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Panasonic TX-65HZ1000B 65" Ultra HD 4K Pro HDR Master OLED TV á Master HDR OLED Panel á HDR10+ / HLG & Dolby Vision IQ á Dolby Atmos á Works with Google Assistant and Alexa á HomeScreen 5.0 for Easy Navigation and Voice Control Support The Panasonic TX-65HZ1000B 65" Ultra HD 4K Pro HDR Master OLED TV delivers an impeccable picture quality on a TV that features an elegant new design. The Master OLED Panel and smooth motion performance help to deliver accurate colours, deep blacks and precise detail to anything you are watching. The Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ guarantee accurate scene by scene HDR reproduction and this TV even features a new Filmmaker Mode which makes movies look exactly like the director intended at a simple touch of a button. The HZ1000 uses the Pro version of Panasonics HCX chip which means it packs the processing to match the panel. Alongside the Dolby Vision and Vision IQ, this Panasonic TV also offers multi-format HDR including HDR10+. HDR10+ offers scene by scene HDR mastering to give you the most accurate HDR picture quality technology. Each scene is optimised to give the maximum amount of detail. If you're a movie fan and use Netflix, you'll love Netflix Calibrated Mode. This setting bypasses many of the TVs processors, giving you a picture that's much closer to how the filmmaker's originally intended. Compatible with Dolby Atmos sound, this Panasonic TV creates a more immersive, enveloping sound. For even more immersion, select the Cinema Surround Pro setting, or use the HDMI eARC or optical digital output to add a soundbar or base. The latest version of Panasonic's HomeScreen makes all the smart functions easy to access. When selecting content from your favourite streaming apps, the system now offers thumbnail images, making it much easier to find your favourite programme. Alternatively, support for Google Assistant and Alexa means you can find content via voice command. When it comes to Smart TV flexibility, the TX65HZ1000B has all the features you need. As well as the popular streaming apps, the TV also offers a full web browser. DLNA certified streaming makes it easy to transfer music and video files from your home computer, laptop or NAS drive to the TV. Also standard is Swipe and Share functionality. Swipe and share lets you use the Panasonic Remote TV app for smartphone media sharing. By using the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily stream pictures, 4K videos and music straight to the TV - no cables required.

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