TX55HZ1500B 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV

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Panasonic TX-55HZ1500B 55" Ultra HD 4K Pro HDR Master OLED TV - Dolby Atmos á Master HDR 4K Ultra HD OLED á HCX Pro Intelligent Processor & Smooth Motion Drive Pro á HDR10+ á Filmmaker Mode & NETFLIX Calibrated Mode á 360 Degree Soundscape Integrated Audios Designed with the help of Hollywood experts, the Panasonic TX55HZ1500B 55" Ultra HD 4K Master HDR OLED TV gives you the cinematic experience from your home. With the 4K OLED screen with Smooth Motion Drive Pro, Dolby Vision IQ's Advanced Ambient Light Sensor and HDR technology, you can witness picture quality without compromise. The HCX Pro Intelligent Processor give you not only the power you need to navigate your array of Smart Feature but also grants you access to the Filmmaker and NETFLIX Calibrated Mode. Tuned by the leading director on Earth, the Filmmaker Mode balances the colour, contrast, aspect ratio and frame rate set to the optimal configuration to give you the true makers vision of your favourite movies. NETFLIX Calibrated Mode ensures your Netflix account is used to its fullest capacity but turning your TV to make the most 4K streaming content. Your new Master HDR OLED screen has been adjusted to the exacting standards of Professional Hollywood Colorist and with the addition of the HDR10+ systems provides the clarity, contrast and colour depth that your UHD Blu-ray collection and 4K streaming content deserves. Dolby Vision IQ's Advanced Ambient Light Sensor keeps your screen sharp and easily seen regardless of the lighting conditions in your home. By automatically sensing and adapting to the light in your home, the detail and vibrancy of your chosen to view is preserved even as the lighting changes over the length of the day. Place yourself in the action thanks to the 360 Degree Soundscape given to your room with Upward and Front Firing Speakers. Thank to the advanced Dolby Atmos technology and immerse you in room filling auditory enjoyment.

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