TVFS83CGP9 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White

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Achieve a perfect dry with the Hotpoint TVFS 83B GP.9 vented tumble dryer with 8kg load and C energy rating. Designed to not only protect your laundry, but to last. Featuring innovative care technology this Hotpoint dyer boasts a number of options such as the Fibre Care option that is designed to effortlessly take care of delicate clothing and the machine automatically adjusts its own settings to ensure that a low temperature is being used for a longer duration to give your delicate clothing a gentle dry. To keep all of your clothes safe the Hotpoint TVFS83CGP8 uses anti-tangle technology; this uses a reverse tumble action to keep your clothes dried evenly and means that they come out less creased, less need for ironing! The Anti-Ageing technology, which utilises an innovative wave drum design to lift clothes softly on a cushion of air to help maintain their natural softness and colour. Intuitively the Hotpoint TVFS83CGP9 can use a sensor dry option to let you simply "set and forget", your machine uses a sensor to weight your laundry and set itself to match the weight load and achieve a perfect level of dry.

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