7kg Heat Pump Dryer with LED Lighting

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á Heat Pump á Tested for the Equivalent of 20 Years Use á PerfectDry á 7kg Capacity á Add Load á FragranceDos á Very Quiet 66dB Sound Rating á 12 Programmes The Miele TCB140 WP Heat Pump Dryer really will have your clothes dry and ready to wear in no time at all. It features an impressive 7kg load capacity which allows you to fit plenty of clothes in one cycle which helps to save you money on your energy bills. Heat Pump technology offers the same convenience as a condenser dryer but uses up to 50% less electricity; this helps to save you money on your energy bills and is also kinder on the environment. This also helps with placement of your new dryer as the heat pump system means there is much less moisture and heat emissions. PerfectDry technology detects the mineral content of your water and then adjusts the programme duration, this means there is no unnecessary heating and movement of your clothes. The Add Load function is displayed on the control panel and offers impressive flexibility when it comes to drying your laundry; you can add any stray bits of clothing during a cycle meaning you will never miss an item of clothing again. The TCB140WP offers FragranceDos which delivers freshness for all of your senses, so not only will you have bouncy laundry but it will also be beautifully fragranced thanks to the choice of 5 different Flacon scents. You have the choice of 12 programmes for your essential drying needs which also include specialist programmes such as shirts, outerwear and proofing. At only 66dB sound rating, you will hardly know this tumble dryer is in use, this means there will be no disturbance in your home while you are drying your favourite clothes.

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