14 Place Setting Dishwasher

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Experience cleaner dishes than you've ever seen before with the Bosch SMS67MW00G featuring PerfectDry, bringing AquaStop technology for ultimate protection. With many convenient features to make your dish cleaning job as easy as possible. Aquastop has a double walled supply hose, a safety valve and a floor sump with float switch, this allows for a 100% protection against water damage. Automatic Programmes Everything is automatically adjusted to exactly to suit the level of soiling on your dishes, including Water Usage, Water Temperature and Rinse Time, this will ultimately save you money when your dishwasher doesn't need to be running. AquaSensor This technology will regulate the water usage depending on how dirty the dishes are, using innovative sensors. Rinsing process is assessed to evaluate whether or not the cycle needs to be continued or not, this all depends on how much remaining food particles, grease or detergent that resides in the rinse, all picked up by the sensors. Heat Exchanger The SMS67 dishwasher uses heat exchangers that treat precious glasses and porcelain with the extra care that they require, offering a no risk cycle. This is done by pre-heating the water in the rinsing tank so it avoids any temperature shocks in your glassware and porcelain. Load Sensors Weight of the load is automatically inputted intelligently by the sensors integrated, thanks to a rotary speed sensor that recognizes water levels. With bigger loads, the water level must be much higher in order to soak the dishes completely, and the water will slowly decrease, the sensor will determine whether or not it needs to add more water in order to get an effective clean. This saves you money in the long run as it also determines whether the load is a half or partial load and changes the levels as necessary. VarioDrawer The retractable VarioDrawer allows for a third loading level, an ideal place for cutlery and other utensils, giving you more flexibility than you can possible need! This can create capacity for up to 14 place settings by removing the lower basket normally used for cutlery and using the VarioDrawer instead.

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