Serie 4 13 Place Setting Dishwasher

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The Bosch SMS46IW10G Serie 4 freestanding dishwasher will clean your daily washing up effortlessly and with care. With a 13 place setting capacity, your new Bosch SMS46IW10G dishwasher is perfect for any household, making cleaning dirty plates, cutlery or bowls a hassle free task. If you need your dishes cleaned in a hurry, the VarioSpeed Plus option offers a reduced wash cycle time of up to 66% less than the normal wash time without compromising the exceptional cleaning quality of your chosen programme. Thanks to the DosageAssist system, your new Bosch SMS46IW10G dishwasher is able to make optimum use of your chosen detergent. The detergent tab is dropped from the dispenser into a specially designed top basket tray, which ensure it fully dissolves. This makes the most of the cleaning power of your detergent. Built upon the powerful and durable EcoSilence Drive, you not only have the high-performance cleaning power for cleaning your dishes but also a low noise dishwasher. The brushless motor design reduces friction noise and ensures highly energy efficient operation. Clean you glassware with confidence thanks to the Glass 40C programme that provides a gentle and optimal drying cycle that gives your glass a brilliant shine. Combined with the Glass protection that regulates the water hardness levels to prevent corrosion on your glassware you can rest easy knowing your glasses are cared for. The innovative ActiveWater rinsing technology makes the best use of your water and energy by targeting the distribution, temperature pressure of the water to optimise performance and increase the water circulation to ensure a efficient clean for every wash load. The integrated AquaSensor help regulate the water your new dishwasher uses. By using light beams to sensing the type and amount of soiling on your dishes and cookware, the length of the rinsing process automatically adjusted to use only what you dishes need and no more without compromising the sparkling results. The ExtraDry technology ensures that every item is ready to be put straight away once the cycle has finished, including your plastics. Select the HygienePlus for a higher anti-bacterial performance, ideal for allergy sufferers. While not suitable for sterilising baby bottles, it is a great choice for cleaning chopping boards, chidren's plates and cups at 70C for longer. Start your dishwashing cycle at a time to suit your with the time delay function. Thanks to the added safety of the child lock unintended door opening is prevent during the rinsing cycle for your safety.

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