One Gen 2 Smart Speaker - White

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The smart speaker Sonos One Gen 2 provides an incredible sound that allows you to hear music with bass and clarity, in the way that it must be listened to. A couple of class-D amplifiers have been developed with custom-made drivers to provide high-quality room filling sound to support Sonos One G2. The LED Light indicator is illuminated to give you extra convenience, and you will always know when the microphone is on or off. In conjunction with the touch controls, you can tap fast to raise / decrease volume and even skip paths. Sonos connects to the most popular streaming services available, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Tidal, but it's not limited to these. To power your home voice with Amazon Alexa. From asking Alexa to switch to other tasks which are not connected with music, like requesting that timers and alarms be set. Read our independent product review here!

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