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Your Laptop will be supplied from one of the following brands: Toshiba or ASUS. The laptops supplied will be very varied, offering many different specifications in laptops. Processor The processor will let the computer carry out the instructions of a computer program using basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output operations all in a flash. Often referred to as the "CPU"or "Control Processor Unit", this unit will speed up how fast you can load stuff up, like your applications and other things. Graphics Card and RAM Memory The Video Card is an expansion card that generates a feed of output images to a display like a monitor. "Random Access Memory" or "RAM" is a form of data storage that will store your frequently used program instructions to drastically increase the general speed of repeated tasks, for example, a web page getting saved to your web cache for quicker load up. These are not brand new goods, these are quality refurbished items that may have been on rental accounts previously or are former demonstration units which are all supplied in great working condition. These models are all supplied subject to availability.

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