Fridge Freezer with Fast Freeze

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Store all of your food with confidence thanks to the Hotpoint HBD5517WUK A+ energy rated fridge freezer in white. The ideal home for all of your fresh and frozen food the Hotpoint HBD5517WUK boasts an abundance of space inside and so many functions to keep your food fresh for as long as possible! Boasting 234 litres of capacity inside the Hotpoint HBD5517WUK has more than enough room to fit up to 13 bags of shopping neatly inside. Ensure you find what you need when you need it with the ability to be able to arrange all of your food neatly onto the large shelves and away into the plentiful freezer drawers. The handy salad crisper compartment helps to ensure that all of your fresh food is kept safe and sound - fresh and hygienic! To keep your freezer working as best as it can the Hotpoint HBD5517WUK needs to be manually defrosted from time to time.

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