7kg Vented Tumble Dryer

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The Beko DTGV7000W 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer has sensor drying programmes which ensures you won't over dry any of your favourite clothes. All you need to do is set your ideal level and the appliance will switch itself off at the perfect time. So this not only protects your clothes but it also saves you money on your energy bills. The DTGV7000W has a slightly smaller depth which means you are able to fit it into smaller places and save yourself more space. Thanks to the automatic anti-creasing function you will find yourself spending less time doing the ironing and more time doing the things you love. It works by rotating the reverse action drum every now and again for up to 2 hours after the cycle has finished, this means your clothes are separated and will help remove any loose creases. The DTGV7000W allows you to fit your laundry schedule around your day rather than the other way round, simply use the timed programmes and pre select the drying times and you are ready to go.

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