C523NA 15.6" Chromebook 4GB Intel Pentium Processor

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Boost your productivity with the ASUS C523NA-A20057 Chromebook, able to keep up with your busy schedule by being lightweight and ultraportable. Including a battery life of 10 hours from one charge, this is a Chromebook is designed to work with you. The fully immersive 15.6-inch screen provides a big screen in a compact chassis, maximizing productivity whilst minimizing size. Also, this model features an anti-glare matte coating to reduce strain on your eyes. Whilst keeping the design in mind, ASUS also understand the importance of sound on their devices and have included dual high-quality stereo speakers and extra-large resonant chambers for a powerful surround-sound experience. Seamlessly retrieve your content from any device with cloud integration. With this model, you can also access the Google Play2 store so that you can utilize your favourite Android apps.

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