C434TA 14" Intel Core M3 4GB 128GB Chromebook

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The beautiful ASUS C434TA-AI0080 is a wonderfully compact design, with a 14" Full HD touch display and slim bezels this model is convenient for using your desired applications, even when you're on the move. You'll be able to connect your laptop to the internet swiftly with built-in Wi-Fi and use Bluetooth for connection with Bluetooth devices or for streaming music or sharing files. You can even use the front camera for photographs or for video calls on compatible apps. This unit includes a memory card port which provides you with a convenient method to upload your videos and photos for save storage. Although compact, this unit has 4GB of RAM, meaning you'll have plenty of power to do your required tasks, open many windows without the risk of slowing down or lag. The CPU has 4MB of cache and 2 clever cores which adjusts their speed after monitoring what is required from the task being worked on, ranging from speeds between 1.10GHz to 3.40GHz. Secure your files and your favourite Android Apps from the Google Play Store with fingerprint recognition.

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