14" Chromebook Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 64GB

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The ASUS C423NA-BV0158 14" Chromebook Laptop is the perfect laptop for anyone who loves to keep up with Social Media, play around with different apps or for people who just love to do a bit of online shopping. It features a durable 180 degree hinge which makes it perfect for sharing videos and images with your friends or play a game with the kids so they can all see the screen, it is able to lay completely flat. And thanks to the Nano Edge display, this laptop is pretty much all screen with very little bezel and ensures everyone gets a very clear view of what they are watching. IF you love to download apps then the C423 is the perfect choice of laptop. You can browse through the Google Play Store to find all different kinds of apps that will let you work, relax and play. This makes it ideal for younger users who prefer a simpler way of computing. Waiting for a laptop to start up can be a bit of a pain, but Chromebooks are super-fast, so you won't be waiting around for a thing. They also have complete built-in security, so you won't ever get a virus or be plagued by pop-ups. With a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, you can easily use your Chromebook for the whole day without having to worry about recharging. It's really thin and light too, so you can carry it around in a bag and barely notice it's there.

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