7kg Wash/ 5kg Dry Washer Dryer

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the convenience of having both a washing machine and a tumble dryer all at once in your home. The Hotpoint BIWDHL7128 makes light work out of heavy washing loads with the Hotpoint BIWDHL7128 7kg wash, 5kg dry washer dryer. Equipped with a large number of programmes for both washing and drying you'll simply be spoilt with choice of how is best to take care of your laundry. Boasting a plethora of wash programmes and different dry cycles the Hotpoint BIWDHL7128 really works to take expert care of your clothes, sheets and towels helping them look new and in perfect condition for even longer. The "Anti-Stain" option works by ensuring there is a perfect mix of both water and detergent that effortlessly gets rid of strains at a low temperature. With a 7kg wash load and a 1200rpm spin speed, the Hotpoint BIWDHL7128 makes quick work of your laundry. The 5kg washer dryer ensures that you can easily fit in all of your personal laundry in at once, meaning that having to put on multiple loads at a type is a thing of the past.

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