Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

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Effortlessly create all of your delicious favourite dishes with the addition of the Zanussi ZCV46050WA electric cooker with ceramic hob boasting 4 burner plates to your home. Boasting an extra-spacious oven cavity and a number of useful features the ZCV46050WA is the perfect home addition. Boasting 77L of capacity in the main oven cavity and 39L in the second there is more than enough room to cook for the entire family in one, with ample enough room to be able to cook a roast, entertain guests at a dinner party or even prepare an incredibly delicious meal for a holiday. The second, top oven cavity has a grill function that provides you with the functionality The main fan oven works to ensure that all your food is cooked thoroughly through by circulating hot air throughout the cavity without transferring flavours between food. Rated an impressive A for energy efficiency the ZCV46050WA works to not only cook your food to perfection but works to keep your energy bills as low as possible. Thanks to the multifunctional nature of the oven the ZCV46250XA you can cook multiple ways to suit whatever you want to eat; use the fan setting to ZCV46050WA through roasting chicken and roasting veg or use the perfected grill to create succulent, perfectly cooked sausages and bacon. This model also has catalytic liners that absorb grease and food stains, so it's really easy to keep clean.

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